PA International Center „LA STRADA” (Moldova) is looking for an international expert/consultant with a high level of expertise in criminal law and development of national anti-trafficking (AT) policy

Within the framework of the Project “Strengthening the national counter-trafficking and GBV response in the Republic of Moldova in the context of armed conflict in Ukraine”, funded by the Oxfam GB,  the PA International Center “La Strada” (Moldova) is intending to support the Permanent Secretariat of the National Committee for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings in developing national AT policy for years 2024-2028.

It is expected that an invited expert will assist in the defining current problems and priorities of the future interventions in the area of investigation and prosecution of THB crimes, planned activities and expected results.

The detailed breakdown of the consultant work, the timetable for delivery, the expertise and qualifications required for the assignment can be found in the attached Terms of Reference.

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