During all the years in which "La Strada" assisted the victims of human trafficking, it faced a cruel reality – the women, former victims, were repeating their experience, becoming victims of trafficking again. The explanations of victims expanded the vision of "La Strada" on trafficking in human beings – the violence that women experienced from their life partners is one of the main factors of the human trafficking.

Thus, in 2009, "La Strada" started its activity in the area of combating domestic violence, and its first important accomplishment was the launch of the Trust Line for Women. For the next 5 years, starting with the Strategic Plan for 2016-2020, La Strada accepted the challenge to treat the topic of sexual violence as part of its efforts related to violence against women. This topic was included in the organization’s agenda in 2014, when the first cases of sexual crimes against women and girls were detected. 

In the work that "La Strada" performs to neutralize the domestic violence phenomenon, the women-victims are the ones who cause the most motivation and inspiration. It is not an easy process at all. The best evaluations and solutions are known by the women who went through the experience of domestic violence. Thus, the principal that "La Strada" uses for working with such cases is based on the belief that by listening to the victims, you can make them promoters of change.

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