Elena Botezatu
Executive Director
Tatiana Fomina
Senior Analyst, legal counselling
I am happy to work in a group of people who think exactly like me, who understand me from half-word, next to whom I can discover and use my potential. Here, every day is different from the previous one.
Cristina Deliu
Educational projects manager
I like to be there where I can contribute to a Change. My activity in „ La Strada” team is not just a personal challenge, but also strengthening of the hope that, one day, every child will be safe due to quality education, according own needs and tendencies in the Digital Age.
Liliana Istrate-Burciu
Trustline Manager
It is important for every family to keep the dinner ”holy” not because we eat but because we eat TOGETHER. La Strada taught me that integrity, responsibility, love, tolerance, correctness and purity - physical and moral – as key elements of harmonious relationships.
Ana Trifan
Communication specialist
La Strada Road is one of the deepest symbols I've ever met. I feel that this fullness comes from the devotion of the People who are building this Road for People looking for new paths. It's a real pleasure, it's quite easy and it's sheer luck for me to be able to tell their true story.
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