Ana Revenco
President, Founder
"La Strada" is like a life university for me. Women, children, beneficiaries or colleagues – they are all my teachers. From them I learn about freedom, dignity and tolerance as essential values for every human being.
Daniela Misail-Nichitin
Director of Women’s Program, Founder
I love „La Strada” for offering me the freedom of thought, and also for the opportunity to make unique things, some of them happening for the first time in Moldova. The organization is a „trend setter” and being part of the team implies huge responsibility.
Tatiana Fomina
Senior Analyst, legal counselling
I am happy to work in a group of people who think exactly like me, who understand me from half-word, next to whom I can discover and use my potential. Here, every day is different from the previous one.
Anastasia Cucuruz
Communication Coordinator
It all started as a professional adventure for me, but turned into a perfect occasion to discover my own resources, which I didn’t even think of having. At the same time, here I am encouraged even if I make a mistake, and honestly speaking, these moment as much more valuable than any praise after su
Eugenia Maxim
Peer-to-Peer Program Manager
Seeing in each volunteer not only the abilities he/she claims to have, but also his/her development potential is an activity that inspires me. As part of “La Strada” team I have this freedom, along with the feeling of fulfilling my social duty.
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