Hot line

0 800 77777
Calls from the Republic of Moldova
+373 22 23 33 09
Calls from abroad

We are confident that the right of a person to travel cannot be impeded in any way. All we want is that every person travels in safe conditions. That is why, during 15 years, with no days off, our Hot Line consultants are close to citizens, guided in their activity by the supreme interest of our citizens.

Currently, the Hot Line is the most known phone service in the Republic of Moldova, acting with the aim of informing every person about safe migration and about ways to avoid the risks of human trafficking. Seven days per week we make our best to protect migrants from any attempt of violation of their rights.

Who can call the Hot Line?

  • any citizen, from any place in the country, who wants to get additional information on safe migration or about leaving abroad for working purposes;
  • migrants in difficult situations;
  • relatives or friends of persons, suspected to be victims of human trafficking;
  • victims of human trafficking;
  • presumed victims of human trafficking;
  • representatives of professional groups (social workers, didactic and medical staff, mass media, representatives of law enforcement authorities, NGOs, international organizations etc.) to get information about the phenomenon or ask for informational support, including seminars, trainings, prevention activities among youth etc.

We work every day from 8.00 to 20.00. The confidentiality of the calling person cannot be disclosed without his/her permission.

If a child has a problem, or an adult is worried that something might happen to a child while he is online, they can talk about is with a SigurOnline consultant. We exist to offer real and immediate support.

Trust Line

0 8008 8008

When you want to help a friend, or it is you being emotionally, verbally or physically aggressed by your partner, it is essential to recover your self-esteem, to be aware of your rights and to know who could help you or where you can address.

Call us and talk anonymously with someone from the team of Trust Line consultants, in order to be informed about your rights and responsibilities, or to recover psychologically and emotionally, if you suffered from domestic violence.

Who can call the Trust Line?

  • victims of domestic violence, regardless of social status or age;
  • women and girls victims of sexual violence;
  • relatives/friends of persons who are submitted to domestic violence;
  • neighbors of families that experience domestic violence;
  • representatives of professional groups (social assistants, law enforcement authorities, doctors, didactic staff etc.).

We work non-stop.  The confidentiality of the calling person cannot be disclosed without his/her permission.

Child Helpline

116 111

Cine poate apela Telefonul copilului?

  1. copiii care au nevoie de consiliere psiho-emoţională;
  2. copiii care vor să se informeze despre drepturile lor şi modalităţile prin care acestea pot fi realizate şi apărate;
  3. părinţii sau îngrijitorii copiilor (în scop de consiliere, informare şi consultanţă);
  4. persoanele care doresc să raporteze cazuri privind necesitatea asistenţei unui copilsss