The national community of pedagogues teaching online safety for children is getting wider and stronger

On March 30, the International Center "La Strada" organized a workshop for about 50 teachers from all over the country. This is the second meeting of the ”Interscetion” community geathering pedagogues who teach online safety for children and teens.

Shortly after the first Intersection conference took place, teachers returned to their institutions to prepare for the Safer Internet Day. Thus during February, these teachers organized together with their disciples dozens of information and awareness-raising activities for class and school colleagues, but also for their parents.

It took the form of an exciting and challenging contest with many emotions, revelations, and lessons learned for everyone involved. All the "Intersection" events are organized by specialists in the frame of Children's Program of the International Center "La Strada".

Click here to see how the national community of ”teachers for the safe online zone” is actually strengthening.

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