“La Strada” launched a spot about rape, that makes you shiver

The International Center “La Strada” launched a social video spot addressed to men. For a better understanding of the message, in only one minute the short film presents the entire story of a young girl who ended up to be sexually abused.

According to the opinion of the women’s rights defenders, the goal is to eliminate the prejudice that the woman is always guilty when she is sexually abused. Also, the representatives of the International Center “La Strada” say that another intention is to take the subject out of anonymity and of taboo zone.

The final message “Strong men DON’T rape. Rape starts from weak men” comes to suggest that any sexual relationship should be based on the consent of both partners, from the legal and moral perspective.

The event is part of the activities organized on the occasion of the 15th Anniversary of the International Center “La Strada” activity in the Republic of Moldova. In the same context, on November 14-18, “La Strada” Movie Week took place at the Odeon Cinema, and on November 24 – the first edition of MENxx, a public-talk event, where men talk to men on sensitive topics related to women.

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