Five exceptional movies will be broadcasted for free on the occasion of “La Strada” Anniversary

On November 14-18, every day at 18.00, “La Strada” Movie Week will take place at the Odeon Cinema. The broadcasted movies are expected to be full of adrenaline and very captivating.

The projections with the generic “A clearer image”, are organized by the International Center “La Strada”, on the occasion of the 15th Anniversary of its activity in the Republic of Moldova. The representatives of the organization say that the goal of celebrating the anniversary with such events is to involve the power of art in supporting those who are in difficulty.

“These are exceptional productions appreciated in time, and while watching them, the audience will find itself in extreme emotional situations. We want to transform this cinematographic event into a tool for self-awareness for those who choose to join us. In this regard, the viewers will deliberately face the realities of human trafficking, violence against women and domestic violence, and child harassment on the Internet. Thus, we will provide a clearer picture of the phenomena which are known superficially by the public, and this only strengthens the stereotypes and multiplies discrimination experience. Observing the attitudes of our society towards women and children abuse, it is clear that we need a visible step if we want to change something”, says Ana Revenco, President of the International Center “La Strada”.

On November 14, at 18:00, the first movie broadcasted during the projection event will be “Te doy mis ojos” – a romantic drama of Spanish production that received 7 Goya Awards. The movie reflects the complexity of experiences of a woman, who is emotionally dependent on her aggressive husband.

On November 15, at 18:00, also at Odeon Cinema, the viewers are invited to watch the movie “North Country”. The audience will see a range of stigmatized attitudes from relatives and community members, faced by a woman-victim of domestic violence, who decides to ask for help. The realities reflected, although hard to imagine, are perfectly applicable in the Republic of Moldova, as stated by the organizers.

On November 16, at 18:00, the public is expected to watch the movie “What love has to do with it”. This production reveals the life story of the famous singer Tina Turner, victim of her own husband.


On November 17, at 18:00, Odeon Cinema will broadcast the movie “Cyberbully”, which shows the experience of a teenage girl whose mother offers her a computer for her birthday, so that she could make new friends on the Internet. While using a popular social network, the teenager ends up being harassed. Thus, her trust in virtual friends is shattered, and she takes radical action while trying to get out of that vicious circle.


On November 18, at 18:00, the audience can watch the movie “Lilya 4-ever”. Extremely captivating, the movie tells the story of a teenage girl who is left alone after her mother emigrates. She was betrayed by the young man she had a relationship with, and ends up to be trafficked for prostitution.

The broadcasted movies will have Romanian subtitles and will be followed by a session of questions and answers with two invited experts.

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