Initial training of teachers on harmonious family relationships to be delivered to gymnasium students

We told you not long ago that we are about to start piloting the optional subject "Harmonious Family Relationships" in gymnasium classes. Well, today we open the curtain a little to show you moments from the collaboration of some extraordinary people - 12 teachers from different localities of the country in the process of initial professional training. Among them, teachers who, since 2016, have been teaching this subject in high school classes. The trainers of the course, in turn, are professionals with solid experience in the field of psychology and management: Tatiana TURCHINA, psychologist, university lecturer, head of the Department of Continuing Education, State University of Moldova; Valentina OLARU, Director of the Theoretical High School "Lucian Blaga", Chisinau and Liliana ISTRATE-BURCIU, program coordinator, International Center La Strada.

Nighina Azizov, Program Coordinator, UN Women Moldova: “Gender equality should not be addressed only in adulthood, but should be cultivated in children, girls and boys, from an early age. As discrimination and violence against women, degrading and shameful, have become a shadow pandemic, affecting every third woman in the world. This sad reality motivates UN Women to support and consolidate projects such as the one in which we are all involved today. "

Corina Lungu, Senior Consultant, General Education Directorate, Ministry of Education, Research and Culture: "In Germany, for example, central authorities ensure the teaching of optional subjects exclusively through partnerships with civil society organizations. La Strada is an eloquent example of this. The place of the subject developing harmonious relationship skills in adolescents will continue to depend on this partnership, but above all on your involvement, the teachers. Especially now, when we are going to pilot the gymnasium program, to adjust to the maximum the content and teaching methods to the needs and expectations of the children and to motivate them to get involved ”.

In addition to the content units, the participants received methodological recommendations for teaching the subject, suggestions and guidelines for designing classes, evaluating students and administering the course in general. Each participant in the course will return to theirs schools with full methodological support for the subject "Harmonious Family Relations" - the textbook, the student's notebook, the teacher's guide… and, of course, a huge dose of motivation and inspiration.

Let us keep an eye on this harmonious community, helping and encouraging them to continue the appropriate modeling of the new generation.

This activity is carried out in the framework of the project "Adjusting the course Harmonious family relationships for the gymnasium stage" implemented by the International Center La Strada in cooperation with UN Women and with financial support of Sweden. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UN Women or the Swedish Embassy in Chisinau.


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