Women should not tolerate domestic violence „for the sake of children”

A social video spot launched today, on March 7, 2017, calls women not to bear domestic violence „for the sake of children”. The initiative belongs to the International Center „La Strada”, which operates for more than one decade the Trust Line for women – 0 8008 8008. 

The video shows a case of domestic violence, seen through the eyes of a boy, whose age is only 9. The way the child speaks about how it is to live in a family with an aggressive father, aims at dispelling the belief of many women, who prefer to bear beating and humiliation for the sake of their children, who, according to their opinion, should grow up with their father.

„The truth is, a child will never be happy in a family with violence. The best thing a mother can do is to protect herself and her child from the aggressive husband before it’s too late. Women who are aggressed in their families should know that they are not alone. We know what they are going through, and we can help them”, says Daniela Misail-Nichitin, Director of the Women’s Program at the International Center „La Strada”.

As stated by the authorities, during 2016, 1 782 of crimes related to family relations were registered. Among them 31 murders, 88 cases of severe corporal injury, among which, in 33 cases the victims died, 5 decisions of suicide, 101 cases of moderate corporal injury, 222 acts of violence committed against several members of the family and other 1 284 cases of intentional light corporal injury.

On the other hand, the research conducted by the International Center „La Strada” among school students shows that the stereotypes related to domestic violence have their roots in the childhood. Every second child questioned said that nobody should interfere in a case of domestic violence, because this is a personal problem. Half of the students questioned stated that they don’t know where to ask for help in case of domestic violence. At the same time, nine of ten students said that they know that the victim of domestic violence has the right to psychological, medical and legal assistance.

The Trust Line for women – 0 8008 8008 – can be called non-stop, anonymously and free of charge. Since the launch of this line, over 5 158 women affected by domestic violence have received psychologic counseling. When necessary, they were also assisted by a legal specialist, for free.


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