This summer, „La Strada” brings informative seminars to summer camps for children

During all the summer months, the volunteers from “La Strada” will visit dozens of summer camps, where they will discuss with teenagers and children about safety on Internet and building harmonious relations in a couple. Since the activity will be organized in limited timeframe, summer camp instructors are encouraged to make a request in advance and solicit such an event for their camp.

The volunteers from „La Strada”, who were trained in the field, will discuss with teenagers and children and will provide them information about how they can safely use the online space, what is an abuse and how they can report the abuse on the webpage

Also, at request, the volunteers will organize a free broadcast of the movie “Colors”. The cinematographic production shows the situation lived by Ana, the main character of the movie. She falls in love with a man who courts her in a sincere and beautiful manner, and their love story develops like a fairy tale. Nevertheless, in a short period of time their relationship is getting shaded by the man’s possessive character, which grows into violence. The movie broadcast will be followed by a seminar with teenagers and children, focused on how to build harmonious relations and where they can address for advice when needed.

To invite the volunteers of the International Center „La Strada”, representatives of summer camps for children should send a request at the address or call at 0 (22) 23 49 06.

Representatives of summer camps will have to specify what exactly they are requesting: an informative seminar on child safety online an informative seminar on harmonious relations in a couple broadcast of the movie ”Colors”.

The activity is organized by the International Center “La Strada” and the contact person is Eugenia Maxim.

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