Over 100 000 calls to the Hotline

Consultants from the Hotline for safe migration – 0 800 77777, recently got the call number 100 000. This phone service is available in the Republic of Moldova since 2001 and is managed by the International Center “La Strada”.

According to statistic data, over 80% of the total number of calls were to prevent cases of traffic, while in 7% of cases people called the Hotline to ask for help for presumed victims of human trafficking.

Since 2013, the Hotline counselors are also involved in information activities on temporary employment of Moldovan workers in Israel. This activity follows the implementation of the bilateral agreement between the Republic of Moldova and Israel.

Up to now, the project has gone through nine phases, and the tenth phase is being implemented right now. As a result, in 2016, the International Center “La Strada”, in partnership with the Center for International Migration and Integration of Israel and the National Agency for Employment, facilitated the employment of several thousands of Moldovan citizens in Israel, of which 2 371 only in 2016.

The Hotline 0 800 77777 is accessible for free on the territory of the Republic of Moldova. The calls from abroad can be made at the number +373 (22) 23 33 09.

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