12 000 calls to the Trust Line for Women

The counselors of the Trust Line for Women, specialized in cases of domestic violence, will continue working to help the victims of sexual violence. The announcement was made by the International Center ”La Strada”, which also mentioned that recently, the Trust Line for Women – 0 8008 8008 – reached the number of 12 000 calls.

According to ”La Strada” representatives, from November 2009 to May 2017, 5 993 victims of domestic violence and 109 aggressors were counselled. Also, almost 1 790 members of the community reported cases of domestic violence, and 310 calls were received from representatives of various professional groups with intervention responsibilities in cases of domestic violence that needed information or orientation.

”From the total number of victims of domestic violence who called the Trust Line, 5 810 are women and 183 are men. On the other hand, of 109 aggressors, 99 are men and 10 women. As for the persons who informed us about cases of domestic violence, most of them are relatives or friends, 1 515 of them women and only 275 men. We believe that it is our duty to get involved, in order to provide informational, psychological and legal assistance to the victims of domestic violence, and lately, to the victims of sexual abuse. We encourage women to trust us and contact us, because we know how to help them”, said Daniela Misail-Nichitin, Director of Women’s Program at ”La Strada”.

Also, the IT counselors made more than 550 interventions in crisis situations; more than 400 persons were guided for getting a shelter, and over 350 persons were legally assisted by a qualified attorney.

The Trust Line for Women - 0 8008 8008 is available non-stop. The call is confidential and free on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.


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